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In every literary work, there are scenes, stories, even complete secondary episodes that are left on the "editing room" floor. And sometimes, these episodes don't appear in the book because it wasn't until after publication that the author became aware of the story.

This page will bring you some of those stories.


You remember missionaries who fled to the hills instead of going into the prison camp? The Japanese army found them in the hills and killed them. They were on a "hit list" of sorts because prior to coming to the Philippines, they had been missionaries preaching pacifism in Japan. (Remember, this is all true.) Before the Philippine Islands were taken by the Japanese, the Covells sent their daughter away to the U.S. for college, so she was spared her parents' horrid experience. But when she heard of it, she found a way to get to an American internment camp and did amazing things to bring food and aid and school books, etc., to Japanese families interned here. One of the internees was a Japanese pilot who had flown in the raid of Pearl Harbor. His contact with Peggy Covell, and the mercy she showed the Japanese prisoners when her own parents had been killed by their Imperial Army moved this soldier to convert to Catholicism. He became a well-known priest in Japan after the war.


When General MacArthur liberated Santo Tomas, the army brought food provisions into the camp for the starving internees. Feeling the need to show her thanks to the Americans, Dorothy used her allotment to make donuts for the soldiers. Just as she was finishing, Bobby ran in and collected all the donuts she had made and ran off to distribute them to his new G.I. buddies.

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